About Us

At The LeatherHeads, we make really tough, durable, long-lasting, quality leather designs that people want and, more importantly, will last! From the most expensive full-grain leather to unbreakable surgical-grade hardware, we over-engineer every leather bag and wallet to last a lifetime with a 100 Year Warranty. From briefcases, backpacks, laptop bags, wallets, mouse pads, leather games and even custom leather ideas, we have a leather design to fit any event or corporate gifting needs.

What Sets Us Apart

At The LeatherHeads , we use the finest materials and aim to do something rare today—provide a personalized luxury product at an accessible price point. We accomplish this through our B2B business model, which allows us to offer a product of remarkable quality at a fraction of traditional retail.

Redefining Simple Everyday Luxury

Discover our collection of beautifully designed everyday leather essentials that are thoughtful, timeless and easy to personalize.

Timeless Designs

Our products are beautifully minimal and designed to be timeless, classic pieces. We look at how modern men and women use their accessories on a daily basis to inform our design process and keep silhouettes fresh. Our accessories are made for real life and meant to be functional, lasting and personal.

Personalized by You

You won't typically see our logo on the front of our products, because our goal is to let you personalize everything and make it one of a kind. Each of our designs are personalized the old-school way in our workshop – from hand-pressed monograms using heated brass dies, to hand-painted lettering. Everything is done thoughtfully, down to the finest of details.

Founder's Note

We are based in Kanpur, India and fortunate to work with an amazing and diverse team of creators, analysts, artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We passionately believe that great design and quality can be accessible priced, and work hard to create beautiful products using the finest materials that can be personalized in thoughtful ways.I felt this “newness” was fleeting and designs were often pushed out the door before they had a chance to fully marinate. I came away from that experience craving something simpler but more complete, lasting, and personalized. That’s a big reason why I started The LeatherHeads with a focus on creating simple, everyday luxury.